Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How the F.R.A.T got ME here....

The first is ALWAYS the hardest....first post, that is.  Who would have thought that an overlooked moment in my life would result in me wanting to openly express my thoughts.WAIT. Is this really happening?  Am I actually wanting to add "BLOGGER" to my resume?  I guess so... RESUME. 

He wasn't the type of guy that I would normally like, but he threw out a challenge.

him: I bet you won't come back to the frat house.

me: I love a challenge; I will be back.

him: I will believe it when I see you.

me:  On my way.

I didn't imagine that 5 years later, I would grow to hate challenges...ALL BECAUSE OF THAT NIGHT!  Within 1,825 days, he challenged my ability to love, live, nurture, expand. WAIT. Can a person actually do that?  Wouldn't the individual have to allow them to control the situation, in a sense?  What is wrong with me??? RESUME.  1,825 days later, I have emptied out every emotion toward him that I possibly know and the only thing I might even feel is a happy numbness.  The relationship ended before I even got started; maybe I just dragged it for past 1,825 days....Well, that chapter is CLOSED, and my blogging adventure is finally OPEN...

Here goes a look into the soul of a Creole Guillory......

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