Friday, April 8, 2011

A Dime Piece or The "27 Piece"...

Walking down the hall toward my office, a popular Black theme song pops up in my head; it would possibly stem from the emotional rollercoaster conversation that I had last night.

“Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum,
What might be right for you, may not be right for some.”

These words got me to thinking about being a “type”; I was told last night that basically I haven’t been so successful in securing a man is because I am not a “dime piece”.  WAIT.  What is an actual dime piece?  What happened to the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “outer beauty may fade fast, but inner beauty last forever”…does this mean that I’m not cute????  RESUME.  These are some of the internal thoughts that ran through my mind all night; I couldn’t even sleep, so to speak.  Could I really be facing the crossroads of being cute or ugly?  First off, the word “ugly” happens to be ugly to me; strangely enough, I never try to call another person ugly.  Beauty will NEVER be ugly; however, it’s the action of that person that could be.

So, I decided to research what a dime piece means to most; I was surprised at my findings.  A slang dictionary refers to a “dime piece” (noun) as an attractive female; "10". From a dime being worth 10 cents.   It even mentioned that famous actress, Halle Berry, was considered a “dime piece”….WAIT. Didn’t Halle Berry go through 2 divorces and an ugly custody battle with her former boyfriend/baby’s father.  If this “dime piece” has suffered through those relationship barriers, doesn’t that mean something?  Doesn’t it mean that even though the world considers Ms. Berry a “dime piece”, there are 3 men who obviously think otherwise??  RESUME.  Okay, now, I believe that Halle is a gorgeous woman and I am NOT trying to compete with her or any other woman, for that matter.  I just want to continue to be me, the “27 piece”….now, for most Black women, this would be referred to as a “selection of 27 pieces of human hair, used to construct short Quick Weaves”.  For me, being a “27 piece” means a lot more; it means that there are at least 27 factors that structure me to be an amazing person.  The last time I checked, 27 > 10…

Because of my office bestie and my office counselor, I decided to compile a list of 27 things I love about myself….

  1. I am like no other.
  2. I love God, my family, and friends.
  3. I am able to admit my fears in life.
  4. I always strive to be the best I can be.
  5. I love to work with others (at times…LOL).
  6. My hair is back to its natural state of being curly.
  7. I’m enjoying loving the skin I’m in.
  8. Fake isn’t my middle name nor does it play a role in my character.
  9. I can become moody when I am trying to make something “perfect”.
  10. Growth has become a strong point for me.
  11. I try not to make excuse for anything that I do.
  12. Making people smile makes me smile.
  13. Saying “No” is hard for me at times; well, it depends on what the situation is J
  14. Cooking isn’t my strong point; however, I love to learn.
  15. My top charity that I hold dear to my heart is the UNCF.
  16. I am thankful that I graduated from Lane College.
  17. There is nothing better for me than my sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
  18. I have a heavy passion for the youth; they are a true future.
  19. I try to “reflect on the past, focus on the present, & prepare for the future”.
  20. FAM is the reunion that I never really want to miss.
  21. When I go back home to Louisiana, I feel like those are moments I can relax.
  22. My eyes are light brown, but you can only tell in the sun or direct light.
  23. I wouldn’t trade my God, family, or friends.
  24. I aspire to become the best litigator in my generation.
  25. Toothpaste makes me nauseous every morning.
  26. I miss all of my family and friends that have gone on before me.
  27. If I had not been told that I wasn’t a “dime piece”, I would have not figured out that being the “27 piece” was SO much better!

This list can’t and won’t compare to my internal emotions, ones that can’t and won’t be really express during this time.  One thing to remember in life, you can’t make someone move to the beat of your drum….each stroke, beat, and note is different.

This Guillory is listening to “in a sentimental mood” by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane…so soothing for a moment as such.

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