Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mr. Game Plan

It amazes me how my dreams haunt me for days, to say the least; Mr. Game Plan has entered them once again.  Here is some brief background on the friendship of Mr. Game Plan & I:

  • We have known each other well over 10 years
  • We both attended colleges in the 36th biggest state in the USA
  • We each love the letters P&G
  • We come from very large families
  • We both have a love for classic movies
  • We enjoy giving back to others

Look, this list could probably continue; actually, I can’t even believe that I am saying this much.  During a period in my life when love wasn’t expressed, Mr. Game Plan came into my thought process like an instant blink.  His charismatic swag catches me off guard at times; he reminds me of lyrics from Jazmine Sullivan’s cd

“Excuse me if I'm sounding crazy
But if you've been ohh
(what I've been hopin' and waiting for)
I've searched all around but there's nobody else in the world
Love me like you do. “

To say that he is a guy that I would love to date and pursue other things with = UNSTATEMENT!  WAIT. Why am I nervous writing this piece?  What is it about him that makes me gitty, nervous, excited, sad, and confused all at one time?  Is this a good or bad sign? RESUME.     Remember back in the day when you crushed over a guy so hard; it seemed like the world wouldn’t turn for anything.  He was the first thing you thought about in the morning and the last thing you thought of at night; you would play MASH, while checking to see what your percentage of TRUE LOVE would be.  All of your close girlfriends would make up baby names for you and the crush; and don’t let your fav song come on the radio…can we say REQUEST LINE!!!!!!  Crushes, at one point, seemed to go out of style for me; I assumed that I was too old to be crushing after a guy.  However, it’s something about Mr. Game Plan that makes me rethink the term “crush”.  Is having a crush that far fetched?  While having a crush, should you tell them how you feel?  Or do you hold back the desire to be more?  Are you suppose to remain in the background while another claims the prize?  Or take that risk and try to play the game, gambling all that you have? 

I guess this Creole girl should come up with a ‘game plan” to get Mr. Game Plan……

to be continued….

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