Friday, April 1, 2011


Once again, I have decided to take steps to lose, control, and maintain my weight; here's how it all started....

counselor:  you should think about being a Alpha Deb…

me:  i know no other way to go….it runs in my family

counselor:  fill out this application and let’s get you presented to the world

me:  boy oh boy, i can’t wait to find my white gown….

Before you know it, I am whisked away by my dear ma, off to begin the shopping experience of a lifetime (little did I know, this experience would be AMAZING!).  Due to not being about to find a dress in my size, I found the best photo possible.  The dress was perfect, except for ONE thing:  I had to pray I could fit into a dress one size too small by December (it was August…ugh).  WAIT. Did I mention that I was an incoming freshman at an HBCU?  Can we say that it was more pressure added…UGH!!!  RESUME.  My number one motivation was fitting into this dress; an added motivation came when my boyfriend (a Navy Seal) dumped me that September…OPERATION WEIGHT LOSS BEGAN!  Every day, around 9 pm, I would walk down to the local track and come back to walk the entire campus.  I can’t remember how many laps I would walk on that track or campus, but I was determined to be a better me.  In the beginning, it probably started off just wanting to release the anger from the breakup, but toward the end, it became more than that.  It only took about a month before I gained a nickname; “The Walking Girl”….I even got proposals out of the guy’s dorm from windows….WOW!!!

Of course, when the day of my fitting came, I was a little too small for the dress (imagine that, huh!). I was boyfriend-less, a few pounds lighter, and days away from the biggest moment in life….it felt great to be a smaller me.  SO, why am I losing weight now?  Well, you should have probably figured out by now that the motivation died when I joined a sorority, received leadership positions, and started traveling (all of this in my undergraduate years…boy, I was a busy lady).  I am hoping that my motivation will present itself once again; the same situations have appeared again, so I can only hope for the same results….the only difference: I have my office besties to stand by me….It’s always good to have a supporting team; back then I had fellow students (plus, the proposals were a nice touch….LOL) and now I have my girls.  Each of us, determined to make changes, have our own personal reasons for the change.  To say the least, I am so proud of the besties; how many people do you know see a need within themselves and you and extend the offer to make it happen?

WAIT. Is this an April Fool’s Day Joke?  Am I really prepared for the evolution of a NEW ME?  I guess so…. RESUME.  Bottom line:   There will be NO “WEIGHTING” Around for change; my change begins TODAY!

Exercising this creole soul might do a Guillory some good…..

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