Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Strength of Encouragement

Encouragement can pop up in life in all various forms; it can be in a letter, arrive through an article, be spoken by a good friend, or presented by the voice of God.  Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have pondered the definition “to be encouraged”….what does it really mean to be in that state of mind?  Tests, trials, and tribulations seem to have become a unique routine within my life; most I can handle, but at times the rest seems too much to consume.  Growing up, I would always hear the elders say “God never gives you more than you can handle; He is with you always”.  Now, I can admit, I wasn’t the type, as a child, to heed these words.  It wasn’t until the emotions of life started to hit me that I began to be reminded of wisdom. 

Life doesn’t seem to have much meaning if you don’t realize that God loves you; encouragement should come from within too.  Due to how I feel about being encouraged, I have decided to get my third tattoo.  I haven’t decided if the tattoo will say “Be EnCOURAGEd” or “Stay EnCOURAGEed”….either one still sends a daily and personal message to me.  Sometimes you need those constant reminders of the most important things in life; however you received the encouragement is alright with me…..JUST AS LONG AS YOU RECEIVE IT!!!!!!!

This Creole Soul has to go home to do some soul searching and clean up….

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