Friday, April 29, 2011

The VENTS of the Office.....

Most of the time, I am irritated when I leave my office; well, it seems like today might end a little bit differently.  Let’s start with the first thing:  Today is Administrative Professionals Day.  Please ask me what my office got me!!!  *No, I’ll wait, please ask!*  Yes, you guessed it: NOTHING! The one thing that I am trying to figure out is why I am upset; they say that you should never expect for others to do things for you, even when you bust your butt to make things smooth for them….that would be too much like right, don’t you think?  Now, let me make something clear: I don’t go to work to look for a gift of appreciation on the last Wednesday of April; I work because I want to beat cancer.  However, in the process, I work extra hard to maintain things within the office; there are some nights that I have to bring the headache of work home with me (thank God I am not married; he might divorce me because of work).  I did, however, get treated to lunch by the head of the department; thankful for that but still.  Please tell me how much longer should I keep the office afloat, while feel unappreciated. WAIT. I wish you could see my face right now, while looking at the thoughts that are floating in my brain….How could this actually happen to me?  After all that I do; all the birthdays and special events that I remember for the office???  REALLY!!!!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESUME.

**the beginning of this post was wrote on Wednesday, April 27, 2011**

I think this post has become the venting section; I am so tired of dealing with issues within my office.  The sad part is that most of my colleagues don’t understand the frustration in my voice or words.  I thought that your job was suppose to be something that you could enjoy and learn from; not something that stresses you to the point of no return.  One thing I can say is that I am very thankful to God for a job; however, I desire a different position, in a different office, in a different company….a lot, huh?  Three very wise women once told me that I won’t be able to leave this spot until I pass the test that God has for me; guess what: I think I am going to fail.  Failure is not something that sits well with me; I fear failure, so why am I willing to accept it for this particular situation?  A great friend of mine, someone that I consider a sister, told me that when your life seems to be in shambles, it is usually because God is up to something.  She even said that I should consider myself “special” for going through the spiral storm of LIFE!  This has to be one of the hardest test that I have endured thus far; how am I suppose to actually pass it?  It isn’t one of those test that you can study for, receive a guide to prepare you, or even see a sample test; you just have to be prepared for the journey ahead.  WAIT.  A silent prayer needs to be said at this very moment….feeling like you are the only one to understand your situation SUCKS!  UGH….Baby Jesus, be with me!  RESUME.

This must be the one time that being a Guillory or Creole doesn’t make me overlook everything else….

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