Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mr. Game Plan: Part 2-GAME OVER!

In the words of Tasha Mack, “Game On…” OR so I thought….As most of you might remember, I have a HUGE crush on Mr. Game Plan and I thought that maybe my dreams of some sort of relationship/ultimate friendship would magically come true…LOL!  Boy, oh boy, how I was wrong.  I can’t say that we don’t have a great relationship as friends, but I was imagining crazy thoughts.  Do you guys remember when you would crush on your fav guy?  Every second that you thought about him, you would imagine what the conversation would be like; wondering if he would make the first move to kiss you….crazy, I know!  As I sit here and write these words, I have to ask myself:  Did I create something that was never really there?  Did I allow one special weekend (nothing sexual) to paint a picture of an everlasting future?  WAIT.  What is wrong with me?  How can I actually be pinning over future with a guy that doesn’t even notice me?  Is this one of those stupid moves that you regret later on in life?  How do I bounce back from this one; all of my close friends, family, and even some of his family knows….UGH!  RESUME.

I talked to my godmom and she gave some great advice on this matter:  DON’T TELL HIM AND JUST LET IT GO!  I think that she noticed that my mind constantly consumed him; yet, it didn’t seem like it went the other way around.  Isn’t it funny that the people that love you the MOST can spot things that others WON’T tell you….at times, you aren’t prepared for the TRUTH; why you ask?  Mostly because the truth is not a pretty sight; it is usually the nightmare in the fairy tale.  Now, you have to believe that at some point in this conversation I wanted to shout, “Please don’t be right!  I want to have the chance of being Mrs. Game Plan”.  Even though I knew she was right and wise beyond her years, I still wanted the opportunity to express my true feelings….however; I knew in the bottom of my heart that my godmom was NEVER wrong at giving advice.  Besides my Ma & 2nd Mom, she was the other “mom” that would keep it real, at all cost.  So, I have finally realized that maybe Mr. Game Plan isn’t my Prince Hakeem (Coming to America), Dre (Brown Sugar), Darius (Love Jones), or Quincy (Love & Basketball)….maybe he was just meant to be my childhood friend from Otac, Sasnakra.

Guess there won’t be a Game Plan: Part 3….UNLESS?????? (naw, he probably won’t admit his love for me, passionately kiss me, and court me to become Mrs. Game Plan; I think I am still daydreaming….LOL!  What is a Creole Guillory Soul to do?????)

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