Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leaving the OLD Change....

Sam Cooke once said “A Change is Gonna Come”….and boy, did that change ever come my way.  June 1, 2008 started an adventure of a lifetime for me; I began my employment with CCOC.  I would like to think that the experience within this office has increased my patience for today.  Have you ever felt that life was throwing you a curve ball; one that most people couldn’t possibly understand?  Over the course of 3 years, I was granted the opportunity to explore new passions, and relive old ones.  I was given the chance to manage students, while conducting mental surveys on adults.  I presented live presentations to groups of 2 to more than 15; I created magical moments for my peers and surrounding communities….name it, and I might tell you that I was afforded the resources to do so.  So, I know that some of you might be wondering where the sadness lies; my former boss (a word that she hated to be called…lol) passed during the month of October.  It was odd due to the fact that it was National Breast Cancer Month and that was the cause of death.  TDBC taught me that the world gives you NOTHING, yet God gives you EVERYTHING!  During the 2 years that I knew TDBC, my world always grew with a bright spot; whenever I got the chance to bring up her well doing, I always seized the moment!  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her or wonder what my life would be like if she was still here; I know, it might seem selfish but you would have to understand our relationship/friendship/family to slightly understand.  She is always missed and loved dearly!!!!

Now, not only did I meet TDBC, but I was given great relationships with KB, SJ, SL, KC, EF, RM, TM, & SW.  Some of these individuals worked in CCOC with me or some I met through coworkers.  The bonds that I have with them will be tested with the distance; by distance, I mean a new position.  Yes, I have a new position….Sam Cooke told me that “a change was going to come”, but I wasn’t really ready for that change….I can’t really discuss the new change right now, but I will surely discuss it when the time is right (keep praying with me; we are wanting the new change to be changed…).  Okay, so what was the point of this session…easy:  CONTINUE TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS & DON’T ALLOW YOUR CHANGE TO STOP YOU!  I still have plans to pursue an advanced degree by next fall; I still have plans to continue my blogging sessions/moments; I still have plans to own and operate a event coordination company….My dreams and goals have not stopped due to the old or new change; maybe it has only opened my eyes to what is ahead for me!  Who knows, maybe the blog will become nationwide with over 12,000 followers by next year….DREAM BIG and the rest is sure to follow…..

This Creole Soul is blessed to be a Guillory….let’s see what the next journey is for me!

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