Saturday, November 12, 2011

HomeCOMEing....Part 1

The time has finally come; the moment I have been waiting for….LC’s 2011 Homecoming!!!!  It’s the time where a family comes back together to reconnect, be it seasoned or fresh alumni; current LC family; Jacksonians (a name for those who have lived in the city their whole lives…hope I spelled that right); and those who have been invited to join the festivities.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I love going to TSU’s Homecoming each year with family; allowing my hair to hang fancy and free.  However, there is NOTHING like going back home…going back to a place that accepted who you were at 17, later producing a BETTER you at 21; a place that introduced you to many folk from Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, California, Milwaukee, Texas, and so on; a place that helped you realize your “Power of Potential”; a place that became a true place to call HOME; a place that connected over 125+ classmates under one common bond (okay, I know you get my drift).  Take the word, Homecoming, for instance…doesn’t the word just do something to you…meaning, you have earned the RIGHT to COME back HOME!  At Homecoming, you get the opportunity to gather with old sorors/frats, classmates, old flames/boos, former teachers/administration, and even meet the new student body; you even get the chance to see how much the campus has changed since you last visited. WAIT. I wonder if Snoop is still there; if Dr. David will pray during the football game; if the ducks will waddle around…(you had to have gone to LC to understand the jokes J). RESUME.

For me, being back at LC’s Homecoming means that I am once again with my boos/sorors/sisters; there is NEVER a dull moment when we all get together.  The laughs, fights, drinks, food, and overall love doesn’t get any better than this for me.  It also is a time for me to reflect on the moments I had at LC and try to mend any wrongdoings at that time; as you get older, you start to put things into perspective…the attitudes, fights, and “I can’t stand her/him” moments should be out the window.  Life will surely go on with or without you; you might as well learn to let go and live it to the fullest.  I also plan to do some surprise interviews while I’m there…thinking about expanding my writing and include new pieces in my blog….this Homecoming has brought me many creative ideas, ideas that I love and ones that will only increase my knowledge and skill.

So, here it goes….LC 2011 Homecoming, here we come!!!!  This is Part 1; with my boos, classmates, and Jacksonians in tow, God only knows what I have to look forward to….AND TO SAY THE LEAST, I AM READY!!!!!

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