Tuesday, December 20, 2011

LC Homecoming: Part 2

HOMECOMING was OFF the CHAIN….so much happened and I don’t even know where to begin!  Okay, so the drive to Jackson was super intense; I couldn’t wait to “touch down” and see my girls, aka “Boos”.  Boo got a new spot, so getting directions was crazy…however, once I stepped through the door, I knew that we all had reached a new place in life.  It felt like I hadn’t seen these girls in years (well, I hadn’t…almost 3 years for some).  After much needed updates on kids, guys, careers, and overall life changes, we did three of the things we did best:  DINNER, DRINKS, & DON’T EVEN ASK!!!!!  It felt like old times again, laughing, taking snapshots in the restaurant, and toasting to the weekend ahead.  I realized that I must be getting old because I didn’t want to go to anybody’s party, even though I did get a chance to peek at the LC fam that got to partake in the festivities.  A part of me wanted to see “New Millennium” or "91", just to show him that I was fly and didn’t need his love or affection (not like he was doing much for me anyways, but that's old news anyways)…After small talk, I began to notice that all of my Boos had new men in their lives; I was digging this new guy, something like a “love interest”…He wasn’t my man, more like a cool friend. WAIT. I hate when the girls have someone and I don’t; I was happy that I had something to report on this visit…it’s funny how you aren’t dating the guy, but to your girls you have to pass him off as the “someone special” in your life.  Boy, the things that we do to fit in, so to speak. RESUME.

The next morning, we once again fell into the same pattern; we NEVER go to the parade (well, this time my “8” had to make her debut as an “Alumni Cheerleader”)…the rest of us made our way out of Boo’s place and headed to Perkins (see, this is the reason that I couldn’t lose those “Freshman Fifteen” during my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year…LMBO.  That’s another story for another day….).  Shopping made the list next, followed by crowed bathroom mirror checks for hair and makeup; FINALLY, we make it to LC Homecoming Tailgate.  The only time that I ever went into the football game was during my LC Pre-Alumni Council days.  So, what do I see when I first step on the street:
1.       Tents, tents, and more tents
2.       Barbeque grills EVERYWHERE!
3.       Greek Love
4.       Beautiful Black folk
5.       Lane College’s “Power of Potential”

Everything that I hoped LC Homecoming to be, it was PLUS more.  I took more pictures than I could imagine, I hugged more people than I expected, and I enjoyed every moment.  There were some surreal moments; moments that I know I will never be able to duplicate again.  It was FAB to have 11 out of 16 of my line sisters in one space; we haven’t done that in FOREVER and I was all smiles…we even had Neos on the yard this year. WAIT. Can I just say that there almost always ends up being a SUPERNEO on EVERY line….so, why did I think it was going to be different?  If you didn’t recognize the SUPERNEO on your line, guess what:  IT PROBABLY WAS YOU!!!!!!  RESUME.  Our annual Greek plot moment was great, until I had to let “INN”ocent Pearl come out…can you imagine that some chick tried to get it with me?  If you have never seen me mad, trust me, you don’t want it.  I could have allowed the chick to take me all the way there, but my Boos pulled me back into reality and just like that, the moment was gone.  The night ended with us chilling with “The Firm” and let’s just say, a video was created….okay, wait, it’s not what you think.  After a few drinks, me and a few of my Boos decided to take the fun into the hallway…I gave the carpet a lap dance, while a few overnight guest enjoyed the show from their balcony. WAIT. Can we say that it was the most OWT things I have experienced, I think…I take that back; I went to Lane College, so that list is actually longer than I thought.  Okay, let me pull out of this moment before I tell WAY TOO MUCH! RESUME.  Let’s just say that I love my Boos and the times that we continue to add to our journey.

Have you ever noticed that when an FAB weekend comes to an end, it seems like your luggage isn’t ready either.  Packing to go home is always the hardest for me; I never want to leave my Boos, even though I know that I have no other choice.  Each minute in Jackson is cherished and I have to sit behind the driver’s seat of reality once again.  Now, you know we can’t leave LC Homecoming weekend without doing what: DINNER, DRINKS, & DON’T EVEN ASK!!!!!  Of course, this is a MUST!  As I hugged my Boos, made promises to continue to KIT, started down I-40, I began to understand the true definition of “Esse Non Videri”…with my Boos, I don’t have to seem I’m someone that I am not… In life, you will come across those people who might make you feel like you have to be a “character”; however, with my Boos and LC Fam, I can be: Qutina, Tina, Boo, Q, “INN”ocent Pearl, QT, Watson, Quad, 4, _____(fill in the blank however you may…)…BASICALLY, I can just BE ME!

this creole guillory is excited about going back to Jackson for LC Basketball Homecoming….smiling already!

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