Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New ADVENTURE called....

The beauty of slowly getting to know someone of the opposite sex is fascinating; it has become a lesson that I can NEVER forget…okay, so I guess  you are probably wondering where I’m going with this and why I continue to talking about dating.  I suppose I do so because it’s something, basically, new for me.  Have you ever had a feeling of disbelief that something so wonderful could actually happen for you?  Maybe so…well, throw heartache, pain, lies, and troubled relationships into that equation, and I promise you might understand.  To say that I’m a giddy, 27 year old business woman has to be an understatement; I am beyond that…WAIT. Am I really saying all of this?  This can’t be me; well, maybe it can be, but I am so not use to this…If this feelings ever leaves, I know that I will definitely want it BACK! RESUME.   I can just imagine my family and friends saying “You aren’t supposed to show this much emotion about a guy already…it might run him away.”  I find the statement true, which is why I should explain something:  I’m giddy about having him in my life right now, but I’m giddier about what he represents. 

Child of God; Strong; Thinker; Protector; Caring; Giving; Loves Life; Gentle; Music Lover; Hardworker; Family Man(who loves his mother)…these are great qualities that I love about Mr. Hardworker & these are some of the things that I placed on my “List”; this list was read to God, showing him what I wanted from a man.  Now, true enough, no one ever puts negative qualities on their list…HA!  However, I did tell God what I could not handle, such as: Married Men, Liars, Thieves; Lazy Men; Lacks Drive, Motivation, & Determination.  I can say that I am none of these things and I couldn’t tolerate someone that was; and as far as I can tell, Mr. Hardworker doesn’t show these qualities at all *pausing for a moment and asking God to show me if these signs are there…but I seriously doubt it* Now, let me take more time to discuss what Mr. Hardworker represents:
1.       Patience; He’s the kind of guy that you know takes his time with everything, allowing the simple things to make him happy.
2.       Kindheartedness; He gives freely to those in need, without any question.
3.       New Beginnings; He provides me with a “fresh start”
4.       Flaws; We all have them and I don’t think he is any different…and he openly tells me about them.
5.       Change; He has shown me that changing my dating process is wise.
6.       Coach, Mr. Chocolate, Bud, Tide, and more; Okay, I can’t help it…anytime he does something, I end up giving him another nickname (and I think he loves every one of them…HA!)

Our friendship is still new and fresh; it’s a bond that I pray will last until the end of time.  I mean, I think we both are getting the best deal possible:  We each gain a best friend & true connection, plus we can work toward a serious commitment if we choose to. WAIT. He reminds me of Darius and I’m Nina (Love Jones); if you have seen the movie, you know their connection was STRONG.  The scene when he was running after her on the train dock was CLASSIC!  Do guys do that anymore?  And have you noticed that guys fall for a female, sometimes, quicker than the females fall for a guy?  I don’t know what the case is for me and Mr. Hardworker…..*whispering* I think it might be equal, but don’t tell him I said that…. J RESUME.

Okay, so there you have it; if you have asked me for the last 3 months why I smiled so BIG, this should sum it up.  I am enjoying this new found friendship and appreciating all the lessons that God is presenting to me.  I have realized that this friendship represents so much for me; more than anything, it just shows me that
1.       Men and Women can be friends.
2.       Successful relationships have a solid foundation called FRIENDSHIP.
3.       Great things come to those who wait.
4.       Keeping a pair of earring, lipgloss/lipstick/Vaseline, and a stick of gum on hand at all times is KEY; Hey, you never know when you will be asked out.
5.       God is the ultimate MATCHMAKER & NAVIGATOR; only He knows the right MATE for you, so just be patient and enjoy life (and all the dates you get).

So, there you have it…the story of my beautiful friendship; and don’t worry, I did discuss it with Mr. Hardworker and he gave it the “green light”. See….
Me: I won’t mention you, unless you say it’s cool…lol
Him: Aww, how sweet!
Me: So, is that the green light to share with the world my new adventure?
Him: What is your new adventure, if I may ask?
Me: You, so to speak…Most chicks rush and I can finally testify that SLOW is key; well, maybe not that SLOW…LOL!  I never use actually names, just speak about my experiences for others to learn.
Him: Green light then ;-)

this creole guillory can’t wait to experience the next chapter in this adventure…who knows where it will take me…all smiles though!

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