Monday, December 19, 2011

A Ride in the Dating WORLD

Dating was a word that I hadn’t used too often; most of the time, it was used only to describe other people’s status.  Here lately, I have decided to play into what this word could actually mean in my life.  My “bestie in my head”, Demetria Lucas aka “Belle”, informs me that dating should be something that you learn, take your time with, and enjoy.  WAIT. I mean really????  Dating????  ME????  This is even too much for me to handle!  How am I supposed to wrap my head around dating in the HUGE CITY of LR??? HA. RESUME.  Okay, so I have decided to take a stab at opening my eyes to something different…and guess what:  I think I have finally gotten the hang of things (well, almost).
Here are some of the “guys” that I have encountered thus far:
GUY Number 1
Him: So, it seems that you might be too busy for me…
Me: *blank stare*  You think?  Why so?
Him: Well, you work, write for a magazine, have a social life, and maybe other things going on…
Me: *shrugging my shoulders* Oh, okay…
WAIT.  Who actually says something like that???  Wouldn’t you think that a man would be happy to know that a woman is trying to establish herself and have her life in order…am I supposed to follow behind him with NO life?  Slightly confused on that one, but OKAY… RESUME.
GUY Number 2
Him: Are you sure you want to talk to an African?
Me: *blinks eyes* I’m not sure…what’s the difference?  Do you have more than one wife?
Him: No, I don’t think I believe in that…
Me: Huh?  You don’t think you believe in that…isn’t that an either “you do” or “you don’t” answer.
Him: Well, in my country, we follow that tradition, but I don’t try to…
Me: *shaking my head* Oh, okay….*pushes the MUTE button and SCREAMS “UGH”*
WAIT. Why is this even happening….where did he even come from?  You try not to follow African tradition in the US; am I dreaming or WHAT?  There has to be someone that can understand me…I need a 60 minute massage and facial ASAP…can we say headache! RESUME.
GUY Number 3
Him: I just want honesty, love, commitment, and partnership with my relationship, along with the other good stuff…
Me: Me too…along with God, substance, support, and stability
Him: Yeah, I see that we are on the same page…we share so many things in common, considering the fact that this convo has lasted for about 6 hours
Me: Feels like I’m talking to someone I have known for years…
WAIT. Okay, could he actually be what I’m thinking…I can’t tell.  I can’t start liking this guy right now OR can I?????  He’s like a breath of fresh air right now…UGH, this is so hard!  Yikes! RESUME.
If this was “The Love Connection”, which guy would the audience pick for me to go on a date with…honey, it wouldn’t even matter because I would surely go with GUY Number 3…He seems to support my decisions, work ethics, and approach towards life.  True, I do want to get married one day, but I don’t think I want to get married tomorrow.  I want the opportunity to enjoy what a man has to offer, on EVERY level.  It’s not easy out here in the dating world, but someone has to do it…and I might as well take a spin at it….

does a creole guillory girl have a chance in the dating scene...stay tuned!!!

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