Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 GUYS....My Male Besties

Has there ever been a moment when you were with the guy of your dreams, and you know what your current title is with him, yet you wish it were more?  Have you ever accepted the title, yet hate when people ask “So, is this your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband”; especially when you desire a title as such?  Or how about when your best guy friend begins to date someone, and you have to shake the chick to her senses and say “I am only his best friend…nothing more or less; trust me, I only give sound advice.”  Well, guess what:  I have been there, done that, and currently live that.  The war between “boo” versus “best friend” can go either way….let me introduce you to my 5 male best friends.  They each represent something different in my life, each one necessary.

1.       G- He is my brother; he knows almost EVERYTHING about me…I think.  He is the one that gives me advice on life, guys, career, and outfits(ha…can you believe that one!).  He is the one that laughs at the crazy things I say, think, and do…He is my Number 1 Guy Best Friend(well, human being…God is definitely FIRST).  He is the Eddie to my Laura (Family Matters); they may fight or diss each other, but they always had each other’s back.
2.       Skater- He is my adoptive brother; we have known each other since 05; he would be the second guy that I go to for advice on life, guys, careers, and sports.  He is a tad bit older than I, but we seem to click on so many levels and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.  He has a way with words; sort of like a younger version of Billy Dee Williams…really, he is! 
3.       II G- He has been around since our early college days; he at Morehouse, me at Lane.  I would say that he and I are the Bonnie and Clyde of best friends; he knows what I am going to say before I say it and vice versa.  It amazes me that we have such a strong bond at times (I say at times because he knows that he can push a button or two).
4.       Titan- He is one that gives me comical advice, straight, no chaser(most of the time, it’s something that I had just said to myself).  Our vibe is an instant one; one that can’t really be described, but I know that I can always count on him to be there.  We have so many things in common; he is the kind of best friend that you cherish because you know there aren’t too many out like him.
5.       Dodge- He is the best friend that you dream of building a continued future with; the one that makes you laugh about the craziest things.  The one that you know you can be totally free with, without worrying about life when he’s around.  He is the kind of best friend that you couldn’t see yourself living without.  He is an amazing person with self-admission flaws, and that’s what makes him simply “crazysexycool”.

So, as you can see, I have been truly blessed to have these guys in my corner; asking which two actually described the case in points above….well, IIG is the best friend that dated someone who didn’t want him to have female best friends.  It was quite funny, actually, because he and I hadn’t experienced that one before.  Normally, he would tell his “boo” about all of his female best friends/sisters/stakeholders in his life and she would be super cool with it; I mean really, to know IIG, you have to understand that he tends to overlook critical pieces about women.  He needs us, and at times, we need him…the things that he goes through, help to keep us on our toes…YIKES!!!!! WAIT. This is too funny to even discuss; I think I am going to be in trouble once he reads this…however, ask me if I care.  The truth is the TRUTH….it might even help him get a few numbers….LMBO!  What am I saying….okay, that last statement will get me an angry best friend phone call tonight….Oh well! RESUME.  Now, Dodge, on the other hand is the one guy that I get mistaken for as my “boo”; whenever we go out in public, we always get that question.  I always smile and say something in my head (something that I wouldn’t tell anymore but him) and wait for him to make the correction.   I still get mixed emotions each time, but I’ve learned to roll with all punches.  Hey, this isn’t Burger King, and I can’t have it my way.

Well, there you have it...a small overview of my experience with “boo” versus “best friend”…it might not always be pretty between me and these fellas, but I am SO THANKFUL that they stepped up to the challenge that God gave to them: BEING THIS GUILLORY’S MALE BEST FRIEND.  It’s not always easy, but someone has to do it….and it might as well be them!!!!

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