Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let the "CONVERSATION" begin.....

If you know me, I am a HUGE supporter of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) & the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), especially my beloved Lane College.  Most HBCU students are like a unique rose growing through a concrete sidewalk; most have a hard time imagining something so beautiful blooming out of a hard slab (most HBCUs are located in the heart of the urban neighborhoods…go figure, huh?).  Throughout my years at Lane, I came across some beautiful and talented scholars; for the most part, I am still friends with them through Facebook, phone calls, emails, and other social avenues.  I have witnessed many of us pursuing our own business ventures; whether it be swimwear, jewelry, clothing appeal, blogs, shoes, etc…our individual journeys at Lane propelled us to make such achievements. 

Take for instance, my good friend, Shonquita Parrish; for those that know her, she goes by “Quita”. Quita and I met while we were students at Lane; I can’t really remember if it was during class, in the cafĂ©, CMAC, or chapel…it might have even been a meeting on the strip (for those who LOVED Lane, you know the “strip” was the spot…any and all things could take place there; flat tires, fights, probates, love connections, etc).  Her personality makes you love her, point blank point! (She’s a Delta…one of the many Deltas that I admire from Lane, even though most think that AKAs and Deltas can’t get along)  Quita is a QUEEN (not Jack) of all trades;  she works your average 9-5, finding time to create custom quick weaves/sew ins,  all while jumpstarting her new business called ‘Conversation Pieces’.  Ladies, I have seen her work, and I already have my order in the works; where can you get custom, handmade pieces at a low, affordable price?  Oh, and let me mention that all pieces are fashionable; most pieces are one of a kind, classy, with a bit of sex appeal to them.  I haven’t fully asked Quita what was her inspiration for starting her own business, but I’m pretty sure she might tell me that having “CEO” behind her name was motivation enough.  I believe that ‘Conversation Pieces’ will spark up positive “conversations” between girlfriends, sorority sisters, and even retail buyers…HONEY BABY CHILD, THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!!  WAIT. I’m fully anticipating my custom made earrings that will have everyone at this April wedding “conversing” about me.  Nothing feels better than having everyone come up to you and say, “I love your earrings; where did you get them?”  And you know what my response will be, “Exclusively from the collection of “Conversation Pieces”…here’s her info….”.  Can you add me being a social butterfly, plus FAB jewelry = WINNING!  RESUME. 
At the moment, Quita and her team are in the process of creating a website; until then, you can find her on Facebook under “Shonquita Parrish”.  Check out the fan page of ‘Conversation Pieces’ on Facebook too; don’t take my word for how great the jewelry line is, go see for yourself.  Trust me, if you love my work, you are GUARANTEED to love it.  Pick up a piece for your girlfriend, bestie, soror/LS, sister, Pugh, or yourself…these are “pieces” that will initiate an ultimate “conversation”…

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