Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grease Stains & Weddings DON'T MIX....

As always, my social calendar is FULL; weekend after weekend, I usually attend functions that Little Rock elite attend. WAIT.  Let me not even go there; this isn’t RHOA, BBW, or LaLa’s Full Court.  I’m an average chick with a magnitude of friends; I am really blessed to never meet a stranger.  I try my best to divide my time amongst everyone, so this event was no different…I felt really bad that I missed my Soror’s wedding the weekend before; however, I was involved with back to back day events for my church, so I was dead tired (I still feel bad and that was almost 2 weeks ago). RESUME.   This past Saturday was my dear friend’s wedding; she and I met through mutual friends and have remained good friends since.  Here’s the thing that I absolutely LOVE about my friends: We don’t have to always talk every day to have a good relationship; once we hook back up, it like we never lost touch.  So, for MONTHS, I searched for the perfect red dress (intensified PINK, as I love to call it), only to end up with a FAB pink dress.  The shopping experience for this dress was amazing; I hooked up my girl, Dee, for a fun and fierce evening of shopping…(she is the Queen of TJMaxx; she has bold & electric fashion knowledge, making our trip even better).  Of course, through our back & forth disagreements, many people took us to be sisters (which is a great thing…we have almost been friends for a year, yet we vibe well.  She is truly one of my Pughs).  Needless to say, I didn’t find anything in TJMaxx, and you guessed it: Dee did!!!!!  I decided that it was time to kick the journey to a store that I hoped would bring me luck in style and savings: Old Navy.  It was here that I found the most simple, yet stylish dress; all that was missing was a wide black belt, ring/bracelet, and a FAB statement piece. 

So, let’s get to the actually wedding day…I didn’t get much rest the night before due to a slumber party that I had with my niece. WAIT. My niece is 2 years old and she WORE ME OUT!  I have to surely think long and hard about having a child right now; children are beautiful little blessings, but it can be hard when it’s just you.  RESUME.  Looking at the clock, I notice that I only had exactly 3 hours to complete my look, shower, makeover my face, and get out of the house.  My favorite wedding song to play is “4evermore” by Anthony David; it’s a classic song and I have it on continued repeat whenever I am hyping myself up for a wedding…I don’t know, it puts me in a “wedding” mood.  Finally, I made it out of the house, and hit the freeway to the church.  I made it there with 15 minutes to spare, which is a good thing (I tend to always be late for events…I don’t know why; I attend too many to have this behavior).  As I walk into the church, I realize two things:
1.       I am supposed to be walking into this wedding with a date.  Rodney had agreed to accompany me to the wedding, but it seemed that all of that changed.  My friend was looking forward to meeting him, yet it didn’t turn out that way…
2.       Another woman has on my SAME EXACT DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How could this be, is what I am thinking????  WAIT. I had to mentally slap myself because it wasn’t like I was wearing a Nicole McGehee original or something…child, this was an Old Navy dress (with at least 4 locations in the surrounding Central Arkansas area) RESUME.  Her dress was paired with a green belt and navy pumps, while mine detailed a wide black belt and classic black platform heels.
The wedding was SIMPLY BREATHTAKING; and it ACTUALLY started on the DOT!  Most African American weddings have a slight delay of 5 minutes to an hour, depending on so many factors (bridal party, minister, wedding coordinator, lost wedding bands and/or licenses, etc).  The bride was FAB & FIERCE, while the groom was HANDSOME & HAPPY; a couple that I can truly say I admire.  Okay, so the wedding is over and I proceed to follow the crowd outside; I see some family and many friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.  We discussed heading to the reception and make a beeline for our vehicles.   While driving, I’m thinking about the sea of handsome gentlemen that attended the wedding, wondering if I would be bold enough to do a complete “cutie run” at my friend’s wedding; yeah, I was setting my action plan up for a night of FOOD, FUN, and FOUR HOURS OF BLISS.  I finally make it to the parking garage of a downtown hotel; I check the mirror, noticing that my lips needed to be revamped.  Being lazy and not getting my lip supplies out of my truck, I grab the first thing I see in the car: Carmex.  I normally don’t use this product, but I needed a quick fix....and WHAT DID I DO THAT FOR???  As soon as I open the top and placed it on my lips, the melted liquid fell on my dress.  Can we say CRUSHED?  I quickly open some bottled water and pat my dress, but to no avail, it didn’t come out….I had to make a decision that is STILL bothering me to this day:  Pull out of the parking garage and leave the wedding reception behind.  Was my Prince Charming waiting for me there?  Probably not…WAIT. We don’t know that for sure, so let’s rule this one as a possibility. RESUME.   Was the food and custom cake delicious?  Probably so…  Was the DJ spinning the hottest tunes?   I wouldn’t doubt it…    Was I supposed to partake in the celebration of my dear friend and her new hubby?  I had hoped so, but it didn’t work out that way…. L

There you have it, my FAB wedding experience in a nutshell; I have never attended a wedding solo, and I can truly say that I don’t want to again.  I wonder if this would have happened if Rodney had  taken me to the wedding; probably not because he has tinted windows and my lip supplies would have been strategically behind my seat.  Dang it…

well, this creole guillory will be armed and ready for the next wedding


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