Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Living in a Cosby Show World with Bud

I have been throwing a lot of topics in the air about what I wanted to catch you guys up on…I thought about discussing the excitement of my fellow Lane College classmate and friend, Jacoby Jones (if you didn’t know, he has made AMAZING records this NFL season), or even my writing adventures (I am realizing my dreams each day…writing just feels right, you know).  Instead, I have chosen to share my thoughts about Bud & me.  WAIT. Am I really going to give a piece of info about Bud & me?  I mean, I’m not sure how this might go for me…Bud could read this and all communication cease OR Bud could read this and improve EVERYTHING…well, this creole soul will take a chance and GO FOR IT!!! RESUME.   Bud and I have been friends for quite some time now; we have turned our attention away from a “budding” (how ironic, I know…) relationship feel to strictly friendship.  

Think back to the Cosby Show, during the moments that Bud, or by his “government” Kenny, stepped into Rudy’s life. WAIT.  Can you believe that one of my “Boos” told me that she didn’t know who Bud & Rudy were?  REALLY????  *blank stare* I told her that she was losing points because Bud & Rudy were my first example of a real friendship/relationship triangle.  I couldn’t stand Stanley being in the way of their friendship; Rudy could have done so much better (and I meant with Bud).  Not only that, but Bud & Rudy happen to be an iconic couple like Darius & Nina, Lucky & Justice, Dre & Sidney, Big Mike & Alicia…let’s hope you get the picture.  She still had me puzzled that she didn’t recognize how this friendship affected my love for the Cosby Show.  RESUME.  As I sit here and ponder on the development of our friendship, I begin to wonder how much we are really like Bud & Rudy (just so you know, these are the actual names that we call each other).  From what I remember, the energy that Bud put out for Rudy was untouchable; he was always giving her advice on what his “big brother” said and how Rudy was going to someday become his “woman”.  At this point in my life, I tend to laugh and smile at the fact that Bud didn’t care who knew…he saw Rudy as his woman and nothing could stop him.  Maybe back then, he was just saying that because she probably was the only girl he knew; however, over the years, his feelings for Rudy grew into something serious.

I look at Bud & Rudy and notice how my Bud & I were that close.  We shared our dreams, fails/success, and all of the things in between.  It has always been easy to turn to Bud because I knew that he listened to my emotions and tried to act accordingly.  Here lately, I have been going through changes and our whole “Cosby” world has shifted.  We are going in the same direction, but it seems at different speeds.  On October 1, 2011, I didn’t think that I would have met a man who understood me; never imagined all of my prayers would be answered.  However, it seems that God had a different idea for Bud and me.  We have developed a great friendship that has had its own emotional story, one that I couldn’t rewrite if I wanted to.  WAIT. Does that mean that our friendship is a powerful one, one that I wouldn’t want to rewrite the story?  I mean, really, who wants to change the events of a story, especially one that is full of emotions, detail, and humor.  I know many people who dream of stories like this…even though it doesn’t end in a relationship type ending, it’s still a joyous/happy ending…Okay, let’s take a step back…Who said it was ending?  Where did that come from?  Let’s make no mistake about it; Bud and I have been in our own busy world and things have the full potential to improve, remain the same, or end on a positive note.  I can’t say, but I know which one that I would LOVE for it to be.  RESUME

Here lately, I have been listening to certain songs that either remind me of Bud & me, or matched my emotions for the past weeks.  If you ever experience anything like this, I suggest making a musical list as well.  It helps to mask a few things.  My list consisted of:
1.       It Hurts Like Hell-Aretha Franklin
2.       Wildest Dream-Brandy
3.       Think Like A Man-J. Hud
4.       Someone-SWV
5.       Jesus Will-Anita Wilson
6.       You Gotta Believe-Mary J.(Live version or Album)
7.       Excuse Me-Jazmine Sullivan
8.       Got Your Back-TI
9.       Golden Time of Day-Maze ft. Frankie Beverly
10.   In a Sentimental Mood-John Coltrane & Duke Ellington

Your list will probably differ from mine, simply because our music taste might be different…either way, this list will get you through many different moments.  Some moments will become laughable later, while others might linger for a while…regardless, music will always be therapeutic to the soul.  You know, come to think of it…it’s the one thing that Bud and I will ALWAYS share.  Had it not been for “Kiss Me”, conducted by Stu Gardner and Billy Cosby, the Cosby Show wouldn’t ring in America’s ears and “Bud & Rudy” wouldn’t have made an impact on Bud & me….

this creole guillory with soul has to remember that love& music are just another component of who i am….

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